Unomedical Laryngeal Airways are intended for securing an airway during short-term routine and emergency anesthesia. The Laryngeal Airways are inserted through the mouth into the pharynx and connected to a ventilation device. They are available in infant, pediatric and adult sizes. Unomedical Laryngeal Airways are free of phthalates, latex and bisphenol.

Standard Laryngeal Airway



Pack Size

UM65220010 Laryngeal airway, size 1.0, infant < 5 kg 1/5/25
UM65220015 Laryngeal airway, size 1.5, infant/pediatric 5-10 kg 1/5/25
UM65220020 Laryngeal airway, size 2.0, pediatric 10-20 kg 1/5/25
UM65220025 Laryngeal airway, size 2.5, pediatric 20-30 kg 1/5/25
UM65220030 Laryngeal airway, size 3.0, pediatric/adult 30-50 kg 1/5/25
UM65220040 Laryngeal airway, size 4.0, adult 50-70 kg 1/5/25
UM65220050 Laryngeal airway, size 5.0, adult > 70 kg 1/5/25

* Products may not be available in all countries. Please contact your regional ConvaTec sales representative for further information.

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