OP Connecting Tubes



Pack Size

1603918x Connecting tube 3m, no connectors, CH30 1/-/50
1605918x Connecting tube 2.1m, female connector, CH24 1/-/50
1606418x Connecting tube 3m, female connector, CH30 1/-/50
1603118x Connecting tube 3.5m, female connector, CH24 1/-/50
1606618x Connecting tube 5m, female connector, CH30 1/-/32
1601318x Connecting tube 2.1m, male fingertip connector, CH30 1/-/50
1604918x Connecting tube 2.1m, female connectors, CH24 1/-/50
1605018x Connecting tube 3m, female connectors, CH24 1/-/50
1604218x Connecting tube 4m, female connectors, CH24 1/-/40
1605618x Connecting tube 4m, female connectors, CH30 1/-/40
1617218x Connecting tube 3m, female/male connectors, CH24 1/-/50
1617318x Connecting tube 5m, female/male connectors, CH24 1/-/40
1602118x Connecting tube 2.1m, female/male fingertip connectors, CH24 1/-/50
1602418x Connecting tube 2.1m, female (soft funnel) / male fingertip connectors, CH24 1/-/50
1606918x Connecting tube 2.1m, female/nipple connectors, CH24 1/-/50
1607418x Connecting tube 4m, female connector/tube piece, CH24 1/-/40

* Products may not be available in all countries. Please contact your regional ConvaTec sales representative for further information. For reference codes ending in x: codes contain an additional digit (1-5) representing a language code.

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